Aerial virtual tour taken from the top of Smeaton's Tower, Plymouth, UK

Smeaton’s Tower, Plymouth | Aerial Virtual Tours

Here you can stand high above Plymouth and look out over Plymouth Hoe on a glorious sunny day. This aerial virtual tour was captured at the top of Smeaton’s Tower, Plymouth’s famous ex-lighthouse.

Smeaton’s Tower

Smeaton’s Tower was an 18th century lighthouse that was in use until 1877. Built by John Smeaton, it was eventually defeated by rock erosion. Rather than being demolished, the lighthouse was moved, brick by brick, to Plymouth Hoe where it looks out over Plymouth Sound. From the aerial 360 you can also see Tinside Pool. Tinside is the beautiful Art Deco lido that sits on the cliff above the Sound.

Aerial virtual tours

We’ve been sent up high to shoot aerial virtual tours since the earliest days of 360s. This one is relatively tame at only around 93 steps to the summit (about 72 feet). At the other extreme, we’ve shot from the crane at the top of the Shard under construction – a height of 310 metres (over 1000 feet). Not for the faint hearted! There are challenges in shooting 360s from heights, not least the safety of those on the ground. If you’re looking for an aerial virtual tour, you can be reassured that we are highly experienced in shooting from tall and awkward structures.