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360 Video

Why Use 360 Video?

360 video from Eye Revolution lets viewers explore right where the action is. Coupled with engineered sound through headphones, 2 of your senses are taken over. We help brands take their customers on a journey; offering compelling content to surprise and delight.

360 video can be viewed online on a desktop, tablet or mobile but when paired with a full dome or viewed in a Virtual Reality headset (VR headset such as Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift or Google Cardboard) the experience becomes utterly immersive.

The technology for capturing 360 video is still in its infancy and captures don’t yet offer the quality of a 360 still. We are bringing the same skill and innovation that we have used in our 2 decades of 360 interactive experience and are applying them to 360 video. We are constantly striving to customise and improve the 360 video experience, thus ensuring your customers are taken on a truly engrossing journey.

Fully immersive audio

We don’t rely on the camera’s mike for the audio, instead using a combination of lapel mikes and ambisonic sound. Ambisonic is different to the usual method of recording sound which relies on, for example, 2 or 4 mikes capturing sound on a horizontal plane. This would give a poor result in a 360 environment as your viewer moves around the scene. Ambisonic sound is captured around the centre point, so covering sound sources above and below the viewer. This gives immersive, 3-dimensional sound so it is infinitely more engaging for the viewer.

360 Video Features

– up to 12k resolution
– spatial audio
– binaural sound
– YouTube & Facebook ready
– underwater housing
– car mounted action
– drone mounted capture
– head mounted
– smart phone & tablet ready

Your 360 Video Project

If you have a 360 video brief in mind or even just an idea for a project that you’d like to discuss, you can contact us on 020 360 30231. We’d be happy to chat through the options with you.