Will Pearson - 'Silvered City' Silver Gilded Fine Art on Display at Sotheby's London

Fine Art Photography Site Launches

Fine Art Photography

At the heart of interactive 360 media is photography. Whilst that may sound obvious, bear with us for a moment! The technology that displays 360 virtual tours changes and evolves quickly, but superb photography will last on. Back in 2008 we created the first in a series of 360s for the Royal Household. In 2018 we updated the technology (for example, updating the player, dropping the flash option for html5) but the photography we shot a decade ago still holds good. It’s incredibly satisfying for us to see those decade-old 360s sit nicely with the our 2017 shoots for the Royal Household. Our work holds up because we are photographers first and foremost.

Eye Revolution’s MD Will Pearson has a passion for shooting Medium Format. He’s often to be found shooting cityscapes and landscapes on his Phase One IQ3. Over the years he has been working on his series of fine art photography, and has just launched a site dedicated to prints.

Please visit WillPearson.com to take a look.

The new site shows images framed and unframed. You can also see how each would look in situ in visualisations within a room. You will see London cityscapes, city skylines from around the world, a new series of California landscapes, plus many other large-scale images.

The main image above features Will (centre) showcasing a silver hand-gilded cityscape at Sotheby’s, London. If you are interested in viewing a gilded piece at Sotheby’s please contact us arrange an appointment.