Charity of the Year

The Eye Revolution Charity of the Year Scheme

In January 2009, Eye Revolution launched a pioneering idea – the ‘Charity of the Year’ scheme. We chose to do this to put something back into the community and help out a charity or good cause who would benefit from a virtual tour, but who would not have the budgets to be able to afford one.

Thus far, we have undertaken two projects for this scheme:

2009: Hornsey Town Hall

Hornsey Town Hall is an important Art Deco Grade Two (star) listed building in the heart of Crouch End, North London. Although not strictly a charity, creating a visual history of Hornsey Town Hall before its upcoming regeneration was a worthwhile cause. Virtual tours give a greater impression of the surroundings than stills alone, and so by creating the tours, future generations will be able to view and study this architectural gem as it once was. Click the link to view the HORNSEY TOWN HALL VIRTUAL TOUR

2010: Helen & Douglas House

Helen & Douglas House is a hospice in Oxfordshire who provide respite and end-of-life care for children and teenagers with life-shortening conditions. They also provide support for parents and siblings of those affected. The tours are currently in production and will launch early next year. Helen & Douglas House provide an extremely valuable and caring service, mostly funded through their own fundraising efforts. Due to be launched in 2011, we hope the virtual tours will provide both a useful fundraising tool to demonstrate the hospices services and facilities and will also be useful to families who can use the tours to become familiar with the surroundings before they visit.

2011 Charity of the Year….?

From January through to May, we will be accepting entries into the third annual Charity of the Year scheme. If you are a charity or an organisation with a worthwhile cause who have a space you think would benefit from a virtual tour, please get in touch with us outlining your application via the CONTACT US form.