HDR Photography

Your eyes can see a huge ‘dynamic range’ of light and shadow – one which photography in general and digital photography in particular have incredible trouble replicating. These technologies have simply not been able to show up the details in areas of light or shadow that your eyes can.

We use a technique called ‘exposure blending’ or ‘HDRI’ (High Dynamic Range Imaging) to change this. By taking each photograph a number of different times, at different exposures, and overlaying them, the final image is able to get closer to what the human eye can actually see.

Eye Revolution is a pioneer of this technique for virtual tours, capturing better images from a huge range of lighting situations. In basic terms, it means that the images we capture have more range than ever before – and thus your 360 virtual tour can show more detail, getting impressively close to what is actually there.

The shot below was taken in difficult lighting conditions, and as you can see, there has been a trade-off: the inside is a little too dark to see the detail, and the outside still a little too bright, and hard to see.

By contrast, the example below is captured using our HDR process, so there is a greater level of detail visible throughout the image. Below, you can see the images which the HDR image is comprised of. You can clearly see the limitations of using a single exposure.


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