Aeroplane virtual tours: Mew Gull 360 Photography


Please note – this is one of our much older aeroplane virtual tours, and is not representative of the 360 virtual tours we produce today. However, we’ve chosen to keep this on our site as visitors have indicated they still enjoy exploring this tour and/or find it a useful learning resource.

The Percival Mew Gull

The Percival Mew Gull was a 1930’s British-made racing aircraft which set many records (one of which stands to this day).

How virtual tours can help museums with accessibility

The RAF Museum were keen to show their visitors the inside of the aeroplane, but as the aircraft was to be suspended from the ceiling this was simply not possible ‘in person’. Thus they commissioned us to shoot this virtual tour. The plan was for it to play in a kiosk below the plane, so that visitors could explore all around the aircraft in high resolution. We also retouched in a sky so it appeared as if the plane was in flight, giving visitors a more exciting experience.

Other aeroplane virtual tours

This aeroplane virtual tour was commissioned by the RAF Museum. You can view more many more up-to-date examples of commercial aircraft and private jets in our portfolio.