Hotel Marketing

Hotel Marketing Online

When potential customers hit your hotel’s website – what persuades them to book with you? Is it your brand, your star rating, cheaper room rates, better rooms? According to a study, 69% of people who book hotels online rated visuals as highly important in their selection of a hotel – coming above other criteria such as star ratings, hotel brands, loyalty programmes and even customer reviews.

‘Visuals’ covers a multitude of possibilities, and chances are that you have still images, and maybe even some virtual tours on your website. However the survey goes on to reveal that many customers have been dissatisfied with the quality of visuals on offer on hotel websites. Small, poor quality virtual tours and visuals can leave customers feeling frustrated and dissatisfied – not the experience you want potential customers to have on your site!

Increasing conversion

Your website is your shop window. By making that window richer and more appealing, your customers can choose to engage and interact with your content – giving them a taste of your brand experience before they book. A 360 virtual tour that is both beautifully shot and easy to use will put your hotel head and shoulders above your competition.

Our superb quality 360 tours will provide the viewer with additional reasons why they should book with your hotel. An Eye Revolution virtual tour will help convert your online prospects into sales, boosting your occupancy rates.

Great rooms – not just cheap rates

A good, high-resolution virtual tour means you can break the cycle of merely competing on rates. Showing your potential customers a complete 360 view around the room at the point they’re trying to decide on a hotel allows you to differentiate on the quality of your rooms and facilities, not just on price.

Prove it!

You can tell your customers that your hotel rooms offer unrivalled levels of comfort or luxury. But customers are wise to the fact that copywriters will ‘talk up’ a product. But with an Eye Revolution 360 virtual tour of your hotel, you can give solid evidence to back up your assertions. You can challenge negative perceptions – people who have perhaps thought that a 3 or 4-star rating would mean basic or unimpressive rooms can be shown that this is far from the reality.
Your competitor’s small visuals and descriptive text simply can’t compare with a high quality, full screen 360 degree view around the various hotel rooms, the bars, the restaurants, spa or gym. You’re able to visually prove to viewers that your hotel meets and even exceeds their expectations – thereby converting web visitors into paying customers.

Providing content across channels

Third party booking sites such as Expedia can be used as a marketing opportunity to use your virtual tour content to showcase your hotel. Using good quality content on third party channels gives potential guests the chance to choose on the basis of facilities and quality, not just on rate. Eye Revolution can provide versions of your hotel virtual tours to third party reservation sites such as, Expedia, and Thus potential guests who may never have seen your site still have the opportunity to view your content and make a booking.

Meetings, conferences and functions

Hotels face tough competition in the business and functions market too. Hotels need to work hard to show potential customers that the facilities they offer for conferences, meetings, events, functions and weddings are right for them. Giving customers the opportunity to see for themselves what’s on offer helps them decide to book with you. 360 Virtual tours with a floorplan interface allows customers the chance to see the spaces and rooms on offer, and navigate around them, understanding the layout. This allows hotels to market their facilities to conference and event decision-makers in a meaningful and compelling way.

High quality 360 virtual tours are an excellent hotel marketing tool, adding value to the web viewers brand experience, and increasing the chances of that viewer going on to make a booking.