Virtual Tour FAQs

What is a virtual tour?

A virtual tour is a complete 360-degree view of a space with which a user can interact. With a good virtual tour, the user feels as if they’re standing within a space, controlling their movement within the area, zooming in and out, giving them the ability to focus in on areas of interest.

Where are they used?

One of the most familiar applications of virtual tours is by estate agents. These tours tend to be small scale, and low-quality, as price is the biggest issue.

High-resolution (‘high definition’) tours that can be viewed at both small screen and full screen are the best option for any organisation for whom quality is important. They give a far better user experience and will showcase the space most effectively. Eye Revolution specialise in high definition tours, shot in very high resolution.

What’s the advantage of having a virtual tour on your website?

A virtual tour which is relevant to the viewer can help both build a brand and sell a product, through showcasing the space or products that will best inspire your audience. They enable you to bring your audience closer to you.

How much does it cost?

This depends on the type of project that you’re commissioning. When we’ve got an idea of your project, we’ll be able to talk you through the various options. We can guarantee that we provide excellent value, with future-proof virtual tours which will stand the test of time.

What preparation should I do before the shoot?

The space should be as you’d like to show it to your audience! So we recommend clearing away any unsightly items, like bins, coats or piles of paperwork. Windows should be nice and clean, and so on! We’ll provide specific advice in advance of the shoot, but don’t worry, it’s nothing much beyond a clean and tidy and tips to make your space look good!

How long does the photo shoot take?

We generally allow about 20 minutes per 360 virtual tour, so the shoot process itself is relatively swift. Back in the studio, each tour spends several hours in production, to ensure the best results.

How long before I can have my tours?

This depends on the complexity of the job; but we have shot and produced tours and delivered them on the same day – although this is not ideal! Talk to us and we can give you a clear indication of how long your project is likely to take.

What extra features can a virtual tour have?


We can design and create an interface through which all your virtual tours can be viewed. This can be within the main framework of your site, or even as a standalone microsite. Please see below for more details about the different elements that can be included within a virtual tour interface…


Tours can be linked to a floorplan, so that users can feel orientated and choose how and where to move within a space. This is particularly useful for architects or property developers – you can see an example by clicking here or for more examples, you can click here to view our portfolio.

Google Maps

A Google Maps interface enables users to see 360 virtual tours that are geographically removed from each other. Large numbers of virtual tours can be linked via a map making it easy for the user to understand how the locations relate to each other.


We can also to integrate “hotspots” – special links within a tour. On this virtual tours for The London College of Fashion Masters Exhibition (click here to view), hotspots indicate that more information is available. Clicking on the hotspot launches a small window (info pane) which gives further information on the exhibit.


We can add in whatever multimedia ingredients you need so that they integrate seamlessly with your virtual tours. So if you require an audio soundtrack, voiceover, sound effects, a movie, or any other multimedia ingredients, just ask us and we’ll explain how they can be incorporated to your virtual tours.

How will my tours be delivered?

You choose – a web download is often the quickest method, alternatively we can provide your 360 tours on a DVD. Or even both!

What format will my tour be in?

There are several plugins through which people can view virtual tours (QuickTime, Java, Shockwave, Flash and OpenGL). Flash 10 is currently the best option for most people, as over 98% of people have Flash on their machines, and no additional plugins are required. Using Flash allows us to deliver interactive multimedia solutions for your 360 tours. However, we will always take time to discuss the best options for you before proceeding.

Who hosts the tours?

We can offer you 1 years free hosting with your tour. Alternatively, you can host the tours on your own server. We can discuss the options with you, so you’re comfortable with how to proceed.

And what about Accessibility and W3C?

Contrary to popular belief, 360 virtual tours can be made W3C compliant. Please contact us for details about the tours we have created that are AAA rated – the top level of compliance.

What areas do you cover?

We’re based in Crouch End, North London, but our team of photographers cover the UK. We also undertake overseas commissions, and have shot as far afield as the USA, Middle East, China and India.

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