Mew Gull RAF Cockpit Virtual Tours

Eye Revolution Create Aircraft Cockpit Virtual Tour for the RAF Museum

The Percival Mew Gull is a 1930’s British racing aircraft capable of speeds up to 265mph. The aircraft holds the world record between London – Cape Town – London, a record which stands to this day in its class. The Mew Gull at The RAF Museum is displayed suspended from the roof of the museum as part of the Milestones of Flight exhibition, meaning the public cannot access the inside of the cockpit to feel what it was like to pilot one of these aircraft. We were commissioned to create a high definition virtual tour which shows a full 360 degrees around the cockpit of the plane. This tour is displayed in a kiosk in the Museum so visitors can feel a little closer to the experience of the pilots of yesteryear!

Please visit the link to view the RAF Museum virtual tour.