Palace Of Holyroodhouse 360

Palace Of Holyroodhouse

Holyrood Palace 360 Tour

Explore the home of Scottish Royal history in this Holyrood Palace 360 Tour. You can look around The Great Stair, the Morning Drawing Room and the King’s Bedchamber in high resolution. Thus you can zoom in and see the detail on the tapestries and other artworks. Info points provide additional detail about the items in the collection.

The Palace of Holyroodhouse

For 500 years Holyrood Palace has been home to Monarchs, from Mary Queen of Scots to Queen Elizabeth II. Before becoming a Royal residence, an abbey stood on the site from the 12th century. Now, the Queen is in residence there for a week at the beginning of each summer, holding investitures, audiences and garden parties. The Royal Collection Trust manage public access to the building. You can visit almost all year round – except when a member of the Royal family is in residence. The virtual tour encompasses three main areas:

The Great Stair

As visitors arrive and make their way up the Great Stair, they might well be drawn to the fine tapestries and paintings that adorn the walls. The beauty of this 360 tour is that it allows online viewers the luxury of looking up. And so in looking up they can zoom in to view the magnificent plasterwork ceiling.

Morning Drawing Room

You can have a leisurely look around the Morning Drawing Room (also known as the Privy Chamber). A wood-panelled chamber hung with tapestries depicting tales from the myths. These tapestries were bought by Charles II in the 17th century. The info points in the tour give viewers information on the artefacts around the room, including gifts to Queen Victoria.

King’s Bedchamber

The King’s Bedchamber, created in the 17th century again features a plasterwork ceiling that’s not to be missed. Look up in the virtual tour and you’ll see an intricate, incredible ceiling. Most noteworthy is the centrepiece – a painting by Jacob de Wet. The trompe l’oeil effect at the edges give you the impression that you’re peering into the heavens above. Look at how the animals’ paws are seemingly poised over the edge!

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