VR Headset Google Cardboard

Branded Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Headset

The Google Cardboard VR headset is an ingeniously simple and inexpensive piece of kit. It opens the door to individually targeted VR marketing campaigns even when budgets are tight.

Despite its humble materials, the Google Cardboard Viewer is actually the most versatile VR headset you can buy. The pricier headsets, like the Samsung Gear VR, tend to be tailored to one type of phone, whereas Cardboard is compatible with most smartphones.

The headsets can be branded with full colour print on both sides. Supersized units for the iPhone 6 Plus are also available. To give you an idea of budgets, a small campaign of 100 units would be around £6/unit, prices fall considerably as the quantities are increased, and these costs even correspond to the pricier models, there are many other pre-assembled and flat-packed units that fall below that price point.

If you’re considering pre-assembled units; which are better for direct handout, you’ll be looking at the following options:

V2.0 Standard:
While this is their second oldest model (first one was V1, which is no longer available), it’s still a customer favourite. The immediacy to start using it, the sturdiness of the material and the extensive customisation options paired with a very fair price make a perfect giveaway present that won’t be tossed away.

V2.0 Deluxe:
The shape, use and concept are the same as with the Standard, still, the Deluxe’s high end material selection make a special gift for the lovers of high quality print. This model also counts with another point in favour: the quality of the cardboard is upgraded to F-flute, which compared to Standard’s E-flute gives a more sleek appearance to the entire unit.

V2.5 Adjustable:
Here’s a VR cardboard different from the others in terms of the vieweing experience. Whereas you have different shapes, meassures, weights, all units share the same high quality 34mm lenses; except for the V2.5 Adjustable. To avoid confusion: it does have the same 34mm lenses, however with this unit you count with tabs on either side that will allow you to adjust the interpupillary distance for a more comfortable experience.
After this quick review of pre-assembled units, we can now show you the different flat options. You’ll see a few differences between models, but keep in mind that all the flat-packed headsets are ideal for posting and assembly is straightforward.

V3.1 Standard:
Here we have the customer favourite of flat units. Even though it’s not the cheapest flat option it counts with a very sturdy outer shell and body, making them great to use, store and then use again. It’s also worth nothing this is the unit with the largest real estate for branding; if you have a large or very intricate design this model is a perfect fit.


VR Slim:
This unit is only a bit older than one year old and it’s proven to be a consumer favourite. Light weight, can fold almost completely fast, with a very quick assembly time. It also uses the same 34 mm lenses as any pre-assembled unit, so the quality of the viewing experience will not change.

Nano VR:
The smallest VR headset yet. The reduced folded size will give you the possibility to combine it or pack it with other smaller promotional items in a goody bag. What’s also reduced is the price, Nano VR is the most economic custom branded VR headset; combining this with a very light weight makes it a fantastic option for high volume marketing campaings.

The headsets can contain a small NFC (Near Field Communication) tag that can be programmed to trigger the user’s mobile to load an app or they can point it directly to a URL to view the VR content. Scannable QR Codes can also be printed onto the headsets to load content. While NFC tags may carry an additional cost, QR codes are the most inexpensive way around, as printing is already included in the pricing.


If you have more questions about VR, then our What is Virtual Reality page will help answer some FAQs.

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