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Video Production

Our dedicated video production team create innovative, impactful video to engage your audience. Video can enhance a virtual tour with an intro video to set the scene and video pop-ups to provide compelling in-tour information. We also create standalone video for website use, for training or talking heads. Read on to view our showreel, and find out more about how our video production service can help.

Intro videos for 360 tours

For some projects, introducing a tour with a short video is a great way to provide an overview of a location or service. It can add a lifestyle element to the tour – showing a space in use. It can explain the history, the location or the benefits. An engaging video can encourage the viewer to take a deep dive into the virtual tour itself and explore more thoroughly.

Explainer videos for pop-ups

An explainer video helps to explain a product, service, or idea in an appealing and easily understood manner. They can present complex information in a simple and straightforward way. We can shoot these short videos for use in pop-ups within the tour. However, our clients often re-use them in social media and elsewhere too.

Talking heads and interview videos

Video that features someone speaking directly to the camera or being interviewed by a host or interviewer are often known as ‘talking heads’. Thus, they can be very useful for testimonials or concisely explaining an idea to the viewer. These can be used in pop-ups to offer the virtual tour user extra information.

Aerial video

Our video production service offers aerial video shoots, captured from a drone. Our fully licenced drone pilots capture video footage from the air. They are an excellent way of capturing stunning aerial views of buildings, landscapes and other locations. Clients find they can help anchor a location within the local landscape. We pride ourselves on being able to safely and legally gain access to shoot aerial video in tricky locations. You can see examples of aerial video work in our showreel and portfolio.

Timelapse and hyper lapse

Timelapse and hyperlapse are video techniques that involve a series of photos or video frames captured over a period of time. We then play these back in fast-forward to create a condensed, time-compressed video sequence.

Time-lapse videos create a sense of the passage of time. We use them to show changes that occur over time, such as the movement of clouds or the construction of a building.

Hyper-lapse videos involve moving the camera between each shot. This technique creates a dramatic effect, with the camera appearing to move through the scene at high speed. They are fantastic for showing movement through a scene, rather than the static change in a scene that timelapse does.

Video Production Service

Video can be a fantastic tool to add interest and content to your virtual tour. We’re always very happy to discuss how we can bring your ideas to life using video. Please do call us or get in touch online here and we’ll be very happy to assist.