240 Blackfriars Office Virtual Tour

Articulating Space

As interior photographers, we specialise in documenting space in the way that makes most sense to a viewer. It’s hard to fully understand a space from a still, or even a series of stills. Whereas 360 interior photography can put the viewer directly in the scene, so they’re orientated within the space. Overlaying additional content can clarify still further, and highlight elements to interest and engage the viewer.

Articulating Solutions

It’s this feature of interior 360s that makes them an ideal tool for articulating solutions. Concepts that would take a great deal of text to explain can be easily conveyed in an engaging manner. It’s this that drew Euroworkspace to use 360s to illustrate their ‘smart locker’ concept through 360 virtual tours.

UBM, the main tenant of 240 Blackfriars wanted to create a smart working environment. Staff have ‘smart lockers’ – which are jam-packed full of clever features, sending data on the locker’s usage to administrators, and allowing staff to simply select the desk they’ll work at that day. To increase sustainability, the desk-booking system works with the power systems, so that when staff book a desk, the power at that station turns on. When they log out, it turns off, and at 10.00pm power to all desks is automatically disabled. Features like this have significantly reduced the amount of energy wasted by the company.

It’s hard to explain these and many more features without a great deal of text, so we were commissioned to create a series of 360s to showcase the stunning office space and intergrate this with a voiceover that talks viewers through how the various systems and smart lockers work.

The 360s were launched at the Facilities Show, and were very well received. Our client has this to say about the project: “Will and the team produced 360-degree images of an exceptional quality for our case-study. They were very patient and gave me some great advice regarding set up and promotion.”

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