New Time Lapse Service

Capturing Space in Time: New Time Lapse Service

Eye Revolution are delighted to announce the launch of a new service which builds on how the virtual tours can display a space – time lapse movies.

The virtual tours allow potential customers to thoroughly explore your space, imagining themselves visiting it, using it and enjoying it. The time lapse service builds on this by giving potential customers the opportunity to see your space in use, and appreciate the full experience.

As you’d expect from Eye Revolution, our time lapse service focuses on quality. So much of the time lapse you see is simply a case of installing a camera, letting it run and speeding it up. This approach isn’t something which we feel would add value for our clients, so each Eye Revolution time lapse project is directed, filmed and edited by professional directors, cameramen and editors to ensure that the final movie truly engages the viewer.

The time lapse video above shows ‘a day in the life’ of the events space at the Royal Courts of Justice in London. Around 24 hours footage showing the space being prepared ready for an event, through to the guests arriving and enjoying their evening, to the packing up and clearing of the space has been condensed into just under 3 minutes.

Click the link to see more information about our time lapse photography service.