vistajet private jet virtual tour photography

VistaJet 360 Sales & Marketing Tool

The Brief

VistaJet is the world’s fastest growing private aviation company. Their fleet covers the globe and the state-of-the-art planes are equipped for travellers requiring the very best in private jet travel. The brief was to create 360s and interfaces of the fleet that reflected the consistently high quality and luxury of the VistaJet experience. These were for display offline at sales meetings and online as a marketing tool.

The Challenges

Shooting 360s in a confined space such as a car or aircraft, especially one with a multitude of reflective surfaces, is technically highly demanding. Objects and surfaces have to be sharp and flawless whether they’re 30 centimetres or 3 metres away. Everything had to be perfect first time, as of course there’s a cost implication in grounding an aircraft for a photo-shoot.

The Execution

Each aircraft had between 5 and 8 individual 360s. We designed an elegant and easily navigable interface which could be rolled out across the various aircraft, for a uniform brand look and feel. The viewer can use an aircraft floorplan to navigate around the different areas; exploring seating, dining, bathrooms and cockpit. Hotspots highlight particular areas of interest. They can also simply journey through the aircraft by clicking an arrow to move forward into the next area.

Click the links below to take a virtual tour of Vistajet’s private jets (open in new window).

Global 6000

Challenger 605

Challenger 850

Learjet 60