shameless-2012 tv set virtual tour

Shameless TV Set Virtual Tour

Explore the Chatsworth Estate

We were delighted to have worked on a TV set virtual tour of the Chatsworth Estate, the centrepiece of the Channel 4 hit show that was ‘Shameless’.

Those who’ve been looking at our blog for a while might remember the Shameless Virtual Tours that we created back in 2011. The Chatsworth Estate 360 virtual tour was such a success with the Shameless fans they later invited us back to add more outrageous content for viewers to explore.

New areas include extra 360s at The Jockey, the Gallagher’s house, the Maguires and Lillian’s, ahem, place of business.

Sadly Shameless has reached an end now, but viewers can still see the tours and have a nostalgic look around the sets.

Virtual tours make ideal fan content for TV series with locations that viewers may want to explore. Fans can explore the sets in their own time, zooming in to see the detail. There’s extra information they can read to discover more about their favourite series. The Shameless team wanted to go to town, producing special additional content for the tour that would delight the fans. We particularly like the info pop-up on the ‘suggestions box’ at Lillian’s massage parlour, which when opened, shows a variety of suggestions received from a variety of characters. The tours have made good use of sound and video within the 360 environment. Viewers can discover new features throughout the tours.

Please note that the Chatsworth Estate TV set virtual tour is in tune with the adult nature of the series, and you must be 18 or over to view.

Other TV set virtual tour examples

In addition to the Shameless TV set virtual tour, we’ve created 360s for other series, such as Doctor Who and The Hour. If you’d like to find out more about the shooting process and get an estimate, please do get in touch.