Restaurant 360 virtual tour


Mr Porter’s Weekly Journal

We were delighted to create a restaurant 360 virtual tour for Mr Porter – the premier global online retail destination for menswear. Mr Porter is not simply a retailer; they also offer style advice and a weekly Journal which gives readers insights into cutting edge fashion, leisure, music, restaurants and more. The Brunswick House tour was created for this journal.

Brunswick House

For their feature about London’s hot restaurant, Brunswick House, a stunning 18th century Georgian mansion situated within an architectural antiques salvage yard in Vauxhall, we created an interactive 360° view around the restaurant.

Jackson Boxer

The 360 pictures the proprietor, Jackson Boxer, and features his voiceover discussing Brunswick House. The result is a truly exciting environmental portrait, bringing together the restaurant, the proprietor and discussions on the project in a single interactive format.

Restaurant 360 virtual tour

Why would a restaurant need a virtual tour? We find our clients want to showcase their space. Using the 360 format, they can convey some of the ambience, encouraging diners to visit them. They can also highlight features within the scene, menus can even be viewed or downloaded within the tours. It gives prospective diners that little bit more sparkle, and thus reasons to book.

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