Commercial Property Photography - view of reception area at 70 St Mary's Axe

70 St. Mary Axe

Commercial Property Photography at 70 St Mary Axe

Our 360 Commercial property photography has the power to bring prospects inside the building.

70 St Mary Axe – ‘The Can of Ham’

70 St Mary Axe opened in late 2019. Although it’s shorter than some of its famous fellows, it marks another distinctive addition to the City of London’s skyline. The building’s graceful arch was designed to respect the existing views in the City. Its curved profile led to it being known as ‘The Can of Ham’ in a nod to old-fashioned tins of ham. The architects, Foggo Associates, aren’t deterred by this. Foggo sees nicknames as a mark of an iconic building. It shares monikers with other instantly recognisable local buildings like The Gherkin, The Cheesegrater or the Walkie-Talkie. Its arresting style sets it apart from its neighbours outside. And inside, the design is spectacular. From the double-height atrium with its expansive brutalist reception desk, to the striking balls of light in the reception seating area, there’s something to fascinate at every turn.

The project

We created a series of 360 images and stills for 70 St Mary Axe to promote certain floors of the building. They also make remote viewings possible. On the shoot day we captured a number of stills to show the floorplates. Additionally, we shot 360s to give prospects a more in-depth understanding of the space. As a result, viewers are able to explore at their own pace, plus zoom in to see the detail close-up!

You can view some of the stills above and below. To dive straight into the 360s, you can click the ‘View 360 Virtual Tour’ button above.

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