Helen and Douglas House, Eye Revolution Charity of the Year

Helen & Douglas House – Charity of the Year

We’re very pleased to launch the virtual tours for our Charity of the Year for 2010 – Helen & Douglas House.

Helen & Douglas House in Oxfordshire was the world’s first children’s hospice, and they provide respite care for children and young adults with life-shortening conditions and provide invaluable help for their families. They aim to help all the young people who visit the hospice life life to the full – as they poignantly put it ‘even when that life is short’.

We undertake a charitable project each year, and it was very clear that Helen & Douglas house was not just a very deserving cause, but one who could really utilise a virtual tour. Not only could it allow potential donors to see the amazing work that H&D do, but could also give families the chance to experience the environment before they visit, helping the children to find the surroundings familiar when they arrive.

The virtual tour guides the viewer around the two houses, highlighting important details as they go along – such as the extra-wide corridors especially for the residents’ wheelchair races!

We would urge you to send a donation to Helen & Douglas House so they can continue the great work they do. If you can, please visit the Helen & Douglas House Donation Page.

Please click the link to view the Helen & Douglas House Virtual Tours.