Mercedes C Class 360 Photography

Mercedes C Class Estate 360 Car Virtual Tour

Eye Revolution have created a car interior virtual tour for the Mercedes C-Class Estate. The dynamic restyled C-Class estate is displayed in an impressive resolution, allowing the viewer to zoom in and around 360 degrees to really experience the features and comfort of the car interior. The quality of the photography highlights the Mercedes’ finish, from the brushed aluminium accents to the grain of the nappa leather. The car virtual tour gives the viewer the ability to have a thorough look around the car, encouraging them to visit the dealership and take a test drive.

Capturing 360 car interiors is about as complicated as it gets on a 360 virtual tour shoot. Working in a confined space, ensuring that the interior is lit effectively (without burning the paint off the car!). The Mercedes car virtual tour is a composition of over 200 individual photographs ‘stitched’ together to create a single 360 interactive image of the car interior. Post-production can typically take 4 to 5 days to achieve a good finish.

It was great to plan and execute this technically challenging shoot to produce the car virtual tour for Mercedes and we’re very pleased with the results. You can also read more about how we shoot car a 360 car virtual tour here.