10 Downing Street 360 virtual tour

10 Downing Street

The Brief

Eye Revolution were commissioned to give the public a unique glimpse inside 10 Downing Street using 360 interactives. The Prime Minister changes and along with a new PM, the decor in the study, the portraits on the wall and other alterations to the building take place. Thus the images would also act as a historic archive, a snapshot of Downing Street at this moment in time.

The Challenges

One of the biggest challenges on this project was the requirement to make the virtual tours W3C AAA compliant – the highest possible grade of accessibility. To our knowledge this had never been achieved for a virtual tour before. This did mean some compromises on the way the photography could be displayed, and programming the interface was a very involved process. The shoots were undertaken while the building was in use, and we had to be sensitive about clearing and preparing each room to be shot – having to melt into the background as Gordon Brown swept past being one memorable example.

Security was obviously of great concern and our retouchers had to ensure that views through windows were indistinct and all security features were removed.


The Execution

Over several years we have created a number of 360 views which could be viewed in both small and fullscreen. Each 360 had its own section, where viewers could click hotspots to discover more about interesting features in the rooms – such as Pitt the Younger’s desk or the straw-carrying thatcher carved into the plasterwork, commissioned by Margaret Thatcher.

The Results

David Cameron was exceedingly complimentary about the photography when we attended the launch at 10 Downing Street.

A Downing Street spokesperson said: “For the recent redesign of the Number 10 website we wanted to update our 360 degree tour. Eye Revolution worked with us to redesign the look and feel of the tour and provided new photography for a number of rooms and outside Downing Street. We are very happy with the end result. The photography brings the building to life and Eye Revolution worked with professionalism and speed to turn the photography around at very short notice for us to meet a deadline.”

We hope you enjoy viewing the 10 Downing Street virtual tours as much as we have enjoyed creating them.