The Balvenie Distillery Virtual Tour

The Balvenie

Many clients require our services to make the most of their locations, so we offer advice to prepare the location for the shoot, and then utilise our expertise on the shoot and in post-production to elevate the location and the brand. It is rare to have the opportunity to shoot 360s for a brand that has such history, confidence and beauty that it needs no elevation. The locations and the heritage simply speak for themselves.

The Balvenie is a single malt Scotch whisky distillery in North East Scotland, and their agency, The Communications Agency, asked Eye Revolution in to create finely crafted 360s to show the various stages in the full whisky making process. During the 3 day shoot, we captured one of the barley fields, with views over to the stunning Balvenie Castle. The field was in its post-harvest state, awaiting ploughing for the next year’s crop of barley. The malting, mashing, distilling (spot the Balvenie coppersmith tending the still), and finally ageing and blending. You can also spot David Mair, the Distillery Ambassador, using the ‘dipping dog’ to test the results of their craft.

The whisky is known and loved by connoisseurs worldwide, with the ‘Fifty’, commanding prices of £20,000 per bottle. Whether your budget runs to £30, £300 or more, as a whisky devotee, you cannot fail to be moved by seeing inside this historic, traditional distillery, where the views have largely remained unchanged for more than 120 years.

You can find out much more about the whisky making process at The Balvenie web site.