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Virtual Reality Comes of Age

What does virtual reality mean to consumers? At present, to the majority, it’s probably something to do with a VR computer game, or a simulator you’d sit in and experience flying a plane.

2015 looks set to be the year that VR comes of age and starts to mean something quite different to us all.

The advent of VR headsets such as Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift and the Samsung Gear VR mean that for relatively little cost, consumers can directly experience a product or venue in the most immersive way possible, without actually being there. This accessibility gives companies a fantastic opportunity to be one of the first to bring a new, mind-altering experience to their customers and prospects.

When pin-sharp, perfect photography is paired with this new platform, it creates an engaging brand experience for people like no other. With 360 video the viewer becomes the director, placed right in the middle of the action, or even at a live sporting event with the best seat in the house. There’s a certain childlike joy in experiencing something that changes your very reality so thoroughly, by taking over your senses and placing you somewhere completely different.

If you have a VR headset you can see some examples using your smartphone. Choose a link below and once the tour has loaded press the headset icon and place your phone in the headset.

– Explore the luxury interior cabin of a private jet.

– Take in the view of London perched on a crane at the top of the Shard.

– Place yourself in the middle of a photo shoot for fashion label Mother of London at The Edison in LA (please note that these images contain some nudity).

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