The way we use the internet is evolving fast. In the UK alone, mobile and tablet share of traffic increased from 22.8% to 37% in 2013 (source: Intelligent Positioning report January 2014). In the USA in 2010 33% of users reported they went online via a mobile device – in just 3 years this has increased to 56% (source: The Future Digital Report 2013). The Far East is leading the way with this mobile revolution – China had 325.5 million 3G subscribers in Q2 2013 and this is growing daily (source: Informa Q2 2013).

Our virtual tours are delivered in HTML5 and Flash (though we suspect that Flash will become obsolete in the near future) – they auto-detect the browsing platform and seamlessly serve the correct format. This all happens automatically, without the users involvement.

The technology that serves mobile devices is becoming better and better all the time – Eye Revolution can now deliver multi-resolution 360’s and gigapixels to a user’s handheld device, providing the same superb viewing experience that they would have on a desktop.

We recently completed a project for KLM. Using WeChat (a messaging app with nearly 400 million active monthly users, mostly in China) KLM wished to promote their new business and economy class seats. Using 360s via this exceptionally powerful medium was a great way to reach the burgeoning mobile Chinese market and literally put them in the seats.

Whether you want a virtual tour that will reach business people at their desks or target consumers on the move, we can build a 360 experience that will flawlessly showcase your space to your users wherever they happen to be.

  • HTML5 and WebGL enabled virtual tours
  • Tours displayed directly in the browser without the need to download plug-ins
  • Tours work on iPhone, iPad, Tablet, Android and Flash
  • Dynamically served multi-resolution tours to match viewing platform