Panoramic Photography

At Eye Revolution, we are panoramic photographers first and foremost, and create panoramas for print that can show a space in an unusual and beautiful format. An Eye Revolution panorama is of such high resolution that it can be blown to massive sizes. We have recently been commissioned to provide a panorama to be printed at 32 metres (105 feet) long. Click here to see details on this commission. 360 panoramas are ideal for advertising (a panorama on a double page spread is truly eye-catching) but we are frequently commissioned to create panoramas for art too.

An example of one of our art commissions can be viewed
here. The brief was to create 5 panoramas, each more than 2.5m (over 8ft!) long, showing views of London, to hang in the penthouse offices within one of London’s tallest buildings.

All panoramic photography commissions are undertaken by Eye Revolution Director, Will Pearson. Please click here to view Will Pearson’s portfolio (link opens in a new window).