Time Lapse

Time Lapse Movies – Big on Impact

At Eye Revolution, we are experts in allowing your prospective customers to explore and engage with both your space and your brand. Now our time-lapse photography service allows you to give your customers a unique insight into the full experience you offer.

When potential customers are researching venues, an Eye Revolution time-lapse movie makes sure that your space is displayed in an exciting and unforgettable way.

Royal Courts of Justice Time Lapse Movie

For an events space such as the Royal Courts of Justice (RCJ), time-lapse photography provides the tool to truly demonstrate the advantages of the space to someone looking to hire a venue. In just a few minutes a potential customer can see that great events don’t just happen – the infrastructure of the venue and the efficient work behind the scenes by the venue’s team ensures that their event runs smoothly, and will not be forgotten by their guests. You can view the RCJ time-lapse video above.

The Eye Revolution Time Lapse Experience

Time-lapse should never be simply a series of shots sped up – it should entertain and add value to your customers’ experience of the space. Our expertise in handling multimedia content means that we are able to incorporate real time HD video, captions and graphics. An Eye Revolution time-lapse movie has a narrative; telling a story to bring customers closer to the brand experience. Our time lapse team comprises professional directors and cameramen who have many years experience in broadcast television and high-end corporate video, ensuring that your time-lapse movie is directed and produced to the highest standard. Whatever the subject, you can be assured that the quality of your time lapse movie is unmistakably Eye Revolution.