View from outside to inside the kiln where various Belstaff jackets can be seen hanging up as part of the exhibition.

Belstaff 100 Year Centenary Brand Exhibition Virtual Tour

We were delighted to produce the exhibition virtual tour for Belstaff’s 100 year centenary exhibition.

Belstaff are a modern British heritage brand – now a century old. In the early days, they were pioneers in fabric waterproofing, even making tents. However, it was through their clothing for motorcycling and motorsports that they became most widely known. This heritage runs through their brand identity.

Belstaff celebrated their first 100 years with an exhibition at Gladstone Potteries in their home city of Stoke-on-Trent – near where it all started. This exhibition showcases a century of rare and collectable archive pieces. This included jackets owned and worn by Steve McQueen in the 1960s and motorcycling legend Sammy Miller.

The Belstaff virtual tour project

Creating an exhibition can be time-intensive and costly. Thus it makes sound business sense to extend its reach as much as is possible. Many Belstaff fans worldwide wouldn’t be able to travel to Stoke. Thus, offering an exhibition virtual tour adds value, allowing them to visit the exhibition virtually and be included in the brand story.

The exhibition included rich media resources, which we have also used within the virtual tour. For example the videos with interviews with staff and creators has been embedded in the courtyard 360. Specially commissioned music / audio for the live exhibition are also used in the tour. This helps recreate the in-person experience, enriching the online visit still further.

Timings were a challenge on this particular project. A very speedy turnaround was essential so the tour could go live online as soon as possible. To achieve this, we worked on the interface build in advance of the shoot. Building this beforehand enabled us to focus solely on post-production and client approvals on the images. After this, the images were added to the interface and given their final checks. Finally, the tour was uploaded to the client’s server, ready to show their audience worldwide.

Exhibition Virtual Tour

Each exhibition virtual tour is different. All present their own challenges. That can be access: “You only have an hour to shoot the entire exhibition.” Or turnaround “Can it go live on the same day the exhibition opens?”, or a host of other considerations. Our long experience in shooting exhibition virtual tours ensures that we can provide our clients with a smooth, efficient process. Delivering exceptional quality 360 tours to throw open your exhibition’s doors to the world for all time.

Please take a look through some of our past exhibition virtual tours. We’re always delighted to chat about your project’s objectives, so please do give us a call.