Saadiyat Island Cultural District 360 Photography

Saadiyat Island Cultural District Virtual Exhibition

Saadiyat Island Virtual Tours

Just off the coast of Abu Dhabi, Saadiyat Island is being developed as a destination for discerning travellers worldwide. Saadiyat Island means ‘Island of Happiness’ – and its intention is to provide an environment in which people and nature can thrive. Saadiyat Island will incorporate different districts, each offering a distinct experience, from the cultural district incorporating the largest Frank Gehry-designed Guggenheim Museum as well as a Louvre Museum and branch of New York University (NYU) to Saadiyat Beach, with 9km of natural beaches, hotels, resorts and a Championship golf course through to The Wetlands with its boutique eco hotels and eco centre.

These virtual tours allow online visitors to explore the Saadiyat Island Cultural District Exhibition 2009 and view some of the plans for the development of the Cultural District.

Please click the thumbnails on the virtual tours above to view different areas of the exhibition.

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