Property Virtual Tours

Property Marketing & Virtual Tours

Eye Revolution undertake 360 virtual tours for clients in a wide variety of industries. One of the industries in which we have undertaken thousands of tours over the years is the property industry – including commercial property and residential property.

Eye Revolution specialise in high-end virtual tours, and we have found that the 360 tours we offer makes them ideal for the most exclusive properties, or for properties where a show home is used to market a property development to potential buyers.

There are three major advantages to using a property virtual tour to market a commercial or residential property.

Firstly, the property is showcased to its best advantage, with viewers able to look 360 degrees around each room and get a full picture of the property. Because we shoot at such a high resolution, the viewer is able to zoom in and see the smaller details that really matter when you’re buying a property or renting a property; the fixtures and fittings; original features like fireplaces and cornices; and the kitchen equipment.

Stills photography can be great for showing these smaller details, but only a property virtual tour can show them in context.

Secondly, the property 360 tour enables the vendor – whether that’s a private seller, a property developer, or a show apartment marketing team – to reduce ‘wasted’ viewings with potential buyers who haven’t been able to see from the information they have that the property isn’t right for them. A property virtual tour allows the viewer to check the property out thoroughly before committing to a full ‘bricks and mortar’ viewing.

The third advantage is that the viewers that have already seen the virtual tour are more likely prospects for the property – as they already have a clear idea of exactly what the property is like.

Often the property virtual tour is not just about showcasing the rooms – we have undertaken property tours for clients where it has been vital to showcase the exterior space, whether that’s gardens, terraces or balconies.

If the property has a stunning outdoor space, then a property 360 tour allows the potential buyer to place themselves right there in the scene. Click the link to view a property virtual tour with London skyline views.

It’s not just about 360 rooms. Eye Revolution can create customised interfaces for your property 360 tours. These can provide additional features which add value to the property virtual tours – giving the user a more interactive and cohesive experience. A better on-site experience will keep visitors on your site for longer – increasing your opportunity for sales conversion. These additional features could include the following:

  • A property floorplan (click the link to view an example of a property virtual tour with floorplan), so that the viewer has their bearings at all times.
  • A soundtrack can be a nice added extra – this can be music or even a voiceover describing the advantages of the property (click the link to view a property 360 virtual tour with soundtrack).
  • We can make is easy for your viewers to move from room to room with hotspot arrows (click the link to view an example of a property virtual tour with hotspot arrows).
  • Hotspots which when clicked open information panels, which could include pictures, text, specs or links to extra information. Click the link to view a virtual tour with hotspots and info windows.
  • The customised Flash property tour interfaces we build can incorporate other advanced Flash functionality – so if there’s something you’d like to include, just talk to us about it.

For a relatively small initial investment, a property virtual tour will reward you with a proven marketing tool which buyers will appreciate, along with time and money saved on viewings and prospects who are already pre-qualified to be warm to the property.

Please click the link to contact Eye Revolution to discuss your property virtual tour requirements.