London Skyline: Enhanced Gigapixel

Articlating space beautifully can be a struggle. We’ve created a suite of tools to help simply manage and display content in an attractive and intuitive way. This examples makes use of an enhanced gigapixel to present content to an audience.

In this demo, a gigapixel cityscape is used as an opening movie. When you click you are taken through into a gigapixel cityscape image. You can explore the skyline by zooming in and, vitally, users have the option of finding out which building is which, and gaining more information about the main landmarks in view.

The info points on the enhanced gigapixel can be populated by or linked to a variety of external resources, such as 360 interactive images, youtube, vimeo, e-commerce pages, and so on.

This way of presenting content can be especially relevant for businesses with many sites across one geographic location. They may currently have multiple pages which users have to click through to, but with no cohesive way of displaying the locations together, apart from a map. In contrast, this enhanced visual adds layers of interactivity to encourage users to explore fully.

It is straightforward to manage, easy to upgrade, responsive and works across all platforms and devices.

You can read more about how and enhanced gigapixel works here.

If you’d like to have a chat about our ideas on how this could work for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.