Miles Mohawk 360 Photography

Miles M.12 Mohawk, RAF Museum

Please note – this is an older aircraft photography example, and is not representative of the 360 virtual tours we produce today. However, we’ve chosen to keep this on our site as visitors have indicated they still enjoy exploring this tour and/or find it a useful learning resource.

The RAF Museum

The Royal Air Force (RAF) Museum is based in Hendon, and tells the story of military aircraft and personnel. The museum has occupied its site in London since 1972. During that time it has been a centre of learning and discovery for children and adults alike. The collection includes aircraft from the earliest days of airborne warfare; taking visitors on a journey to modern day military aeroplanes. Read on to find out more about how aircraft photography virtual tours have brought the Miles M.12 Mohawk to life for a global audience.

The Story of the Miles M.12 Mohawk

The Miles M.12 Mohawk is a two seater aeroplane commissioned by American aviator Charles Lindbergh in 1936. Lindbergh was the first made the first nonstop flight from New York to Paris. This was an incredible feat that required him to fly entirely alone for over 33 hours. The Lindberghs fled to Europe in the light of press interest concerning the infamous case of their kidnapped and murdered son. They used the aircraft to travel extensively around Europe, returning to the States when war broke out. In 1941, the RAF took the aircraft into service as a communications aircraft.

In 1944, the Mohawk was put into storage at RAF Kemble, and later sold. It last flew in 1950 when it was abandoned in Spain after its owners had to force landing. In the 1970s it was discovered languishing in a junkyard near Seville and taken to the USA by a curator at the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum. He later decided to donate it to the RAF Musem and it finally arrived back home over half a century later.

Aircraft Photography in 360

Whilst still images have a place in showing the inside of a plane; 360 aircraft photography offers something more. Users can explore in full 360 degrees from the seat, putting themselves right in the cockpit. They have the ability to zoom in to look at the details which interest them.

A shoot in a confined space like this is always a challenge, ensuring all details are focussed and sharp. The plane was shot in situ, with the sky being retouched in back in our studio. This gives the user the feeling of being in the plane in flight, a nice touch!

This aircraft photography virtual tour was commissioned by the RAF Museum. You can view more examples of commercial aircraft and private jets in our portfolio.