Hampstead Heath Aerial 360

Aerial 360 Gigapixel: Hampstead Heath Autumn

We wanted to test our process for capturing a gigapixel aerial 360, so we stayed local and visited one of London’s greatest open spaces: Hampstead Heath.

We captured this aerial 360 via a drone that we launched near Parliament Hill. Local Londoners can zoom in and view their favourite spots. You can see London’s best kite-flying spot on the hill itself, the Athletics Track, Parliament Hill Lido and beyond it the London skyline.

You can zoom in to see the detail and scroll around to see London’s glorious autumnal colours.

Gigapixel Aerial 360 Hampstead Heath

360 Drone Photography

Working from a drone to capture 360s is a technical challenge, as the 360 is made up of individual photographs ‘stitched’ together. We are very pleased with the result of the test; having a clean stitch and getting the resolution so high is great. Drone photography in London can be tricky as more and more places are introducing restrictions. However, we can offer our clients aerial photography outside built-up areas. Thus, you can choose an 360 like this one, or even opt for us to shoot 360 video from a drone.

Hampstead Heath

North Londoners call it ‘The Heath’; this ancient parkland, mentioned in the Doomsday Book and first recorded even before that. The Heath covers 790 acres and sits on one of London’s highest points. In this 360, down from Parliament Hill, you can see Highgate No.1 pond and the men’s bathing pond. Hampstead Heath offers one of only a few places where Londoners can wild swim. Indeed hardy swimmers are out year round, whatever the weather. Also seen here is Parliament Hill itself, famous as being one of the premier kite-flying spots in the capital. As well as swimming and kite-flying, visitors to Hampstead Heath can enjoy the running track, go angling at the anglers pond and explore many wild spaces.

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