Virtual tourism: tour inside Buckingham Palace during lockdown

Virtual Tourism: Inside Royal Palaces

Virtual tourism is a phrase we’re all becoming more familiar with. Although lockdown is easing, the prospect of rolling and localised lockdowns, travel restrictions and quarantine are all set to become part of our lives.

This ‘new normal’ will see us all travelling virtually much more. Your desire to see a famous landmark or city may have to be assuaged by documentaries, reading or 360 virtual tours instead of risking quarantine or even Covid itself. These resources enable viewers to explore and offer a taster of what they can one day see in person. It’s not an ‘either / or’ situation though – in the longer term as restrictions ease, places visited as a virtual tourist will be on the list to visit in person.

Jemima Rellie at the Royal Collection Trust, spoke to Vanity Fair about the Royal virtual tours.

There was a time people wouldn’t want to put virtual tours online for fear the public wouldn’t want to come and see it in real life, but there is so much to see online and in person. No one physical visit would enable you to see everything on offer so by visiting virtually it’s very easy to revisit and perhaps absorb more.

The 360 virtual tours Eye Revolution created for the Royal Household and The Royal Collection Trust have been getting “record numbers of visitors”, according to Rellie.

Virtual tourists are much more likely to engage with high quality content. Where visuals are crisp and beautiful and with useful, extra content that’s clear and easy to navigate through.

Become a virtual tourist

To experience virtual tourism at Buckingham Palace, please click the ‘View 360 Virtual Tour’ button above or click here to be taken to the Buckingham Palace Virtual Tour

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