Aviation 360 HondaJet

Aviation 360 – HondaJet

Aviation 360 for viewers to take a look at the ground-breaking new HondaJet

A business aircraft… but different

In the Very Light Jet (VLJ) category, conventional wisdom has the engines mounted on the fuselage or under the wings. Honda’s entrant to the category turned this thinking on its head and mounted the engines over the wings. This new way of thinking was pivotal for Honda, as they were able to increase cabin space for greater passenger comfort. Improved aerodynamics also reduce fuel consumption by about 15%, a significant reduction. The jet flies faster and higher than anything else in its class.  

Aviation Marketing with 360 Photography

360 Photography (also known as virtual tours; 360 VR; 360 interactives) offers web visitors a much more engaging experience than stills alone. For private jet companies or commercial airlines, the ability to let discerning prospects take a look around the aircraft at their own pace is invaluable.

Rather than glancing at an image in passing, the viewer is encouraged to spend time looking around the aircraft, zooming in to see the detail. Tours can also include hotspots which provide additional information on key elements within a scene.

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