TV set virtual tour: Doctor Who The Underhenge / Pandorica


We’re delighted to present our TV set virtual tour of The Underhenge & The Pandorica from Doctor Who.

Doctor Who

Doctor Who is the world’s longest-running sci-fi series – having first aired on the BBC in November 1963. Still incredibly popular, the series is now on its 15th doctor.

The Underhenge

We created a TV set virtual tour of the “Underhenge”. This was the largest set built at Upper Boat Studios in Wales. The scriptwriters intended it to have an ‘Indiana Jones’ feel to it. This was a dark and sinister place without natural light found underneath Stonehenge. The designers filled it with stones and cobwebs draping down to create a “ghostly” look and feel. The 360 photography reflects this atmosphere.

TV Set Virtual Tours

As a fan, a film or TV set virtual tours fulfils a valuable role in allowing you to engage with a series more closely. Fans can explore at leisure, rather than relying on a camera angle during live action to give them the viewing opportunity they’d like.

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