W3C Web Accessibility

Virtual Tours & W3C Web Accessibility

You have invested in the creation of a fantastic website, and are considering adding virtual tours to create exciting content for your users. However, a large percentage of users could be cut off from the experiences you have worked to achieve.

People with disabilities such as dyslexia or impaired vision, learning disabilities or even a broken arm may have difficulty using the internet and reaching the content on websites. Technologies are able to assist those with disabilities in delivering internet content, but if your website is incompatible with these technologies, then they simply won’t see it.

There is also a legal implication – 2 companies have already been sued for discrimination due to the lack of accessibility on their websites. Both companies settled out of court.

Other web users who are using older technology, whether that’s hardware, operating systems or a slow connection can find themselves similarly excluded.

So not only are these people frequently left out of the experiences available to the wider web community, but your website is failing to reach the audience who have travelled there to view it.

Contrary to popular belief, virtual tours can be made WC3 compliant without having to strip out advanced functionality. If your company is aiming to achieve high accessibility standards, then we can deliver virtual tours which can help you achieve this aim. Call us today and we will be happy to discuss virtual tour accessibility with you.