30 St Mary Axe View - Aerial 360

Aerial 360 from the Heart of the City

The Brief

We were briefed by the lovely folk at Bandstand (the creative agency for St Mary Axe) to create a series of 360s from the summit of 30 St Mary Axe. The client required panoramic views from the building in different lights; really letting people experience the incredible views across London at different times of day.

The Challenges

Eye Revolution photographer Will Pearson took the shots from a cradle on the exterior of the Gherkin, 180 metres above the City of London. The major concern was that the nodal point (the central point of a lens) is usually in a fixed position. Here, that wasn’t possible as the building is in the way and the nodal point was many metres out on each image. We had to employ all our skills in post-production to ensure that the images blended together seamlessly to create a flawless 360.

The Execution

The high-res aerial 360s are displayed in an interface which allows the viewer to click on the different times of day and be taken to the different images. The viewer can also really zoom in and see the detail in the London cityscape.

Aerial 360 Tours

You can read much more about our aerial 360s captured from a drone here.