Perfect Start Nurseries

Perfect Start Haywards Heath is a beautifully-designed nursery that strives to put the children at the centre of everything they do. This is apparent in the lovely surroundings that feature natural materials all around the nursery. The tables and sandpits are all wooden (no plastic tables here). The toys are wood and fabric, and the garden equipment is also made from natural materials.

Perfect Start Nurseries were opening a fantastic new location in Haywards Heath. They wanted to show parents the surroundings remotely, so they could see for themselves what a great environment this is for their baby, toddler or pre-schooler. Perfect Start decided they needed something more than just stills to really convey how fantastic the setting Haywards Heath is. They realised that 360 photography was the perfect nursery marketing tool. The 360s really allow parents to explore the surroundings at their own pace. Prospective parents can use the virtual tour before a visit in person, to start to appreciate the advantages of the setting. This can encourage parents to consider Perfect Start for their child, and book a tour. The tour can then be used after a visit when parents are making the final decision. They can use the tour to remind themselves of the different rooms and facilities.

It’s vital for parents to select the right setting, and so by using 360 nursery virtual tours, Perfect Start have made it easier for parents to research the options, and determine the best nursery for their child.

The Royal & Ancient St Andrews Golf Club 360

We were privileged to work with the R&A Golf Club of St Andrews. We have completed a project that will allow the Royal & Ancient Clubhouse to effectively throw open its doors to members around the world. The 360 tours will give viewers a behind-the-scenes tour of the clubhouse.

The R&A Golf Clubhouse

The R&A Clubhouse is next to the first tee of the Old Course at St Andrews. St Andrews is world-famous; considered to be the oldest golf course in the world and known widely as ‘The Cathedral of Golf’ and ‘The Home of Golf’. The Royal & Ancient Golf Club club boasts over 2,000 members (who are members by invitation only) worldwide. The 360 tours allow these members to take a detailed, 360 degree tour around the home of golf. They can inspect the trophies and artwork as well as at the sumptuous clubhouse itself.

Showcasing artefacts

The R&A is home to an incredible collection of paintings, maps, trophies and medals, and of course, clubs and balls.

One of the most prized paintings in the collection is Medal Day at St Andrews 1894. The painting depicts future Prime Minister, Arthur Balfour, driving in as Captain of The Royal and Ancient Golf Club in 1894. It’s a huge piece, measuring 1.5 by nearly 3 metres, and shows 191 golfers in front of the R&A clubhouse. The public will be able to click on the painting and zoom in to inspect the hi-res image. In this way, the 360s will allow people unprecedented access to the collection in detail, wherever they are in the world.

Content Management System (CMS)

The 360s utilise a Content Management System (CMS). This enables the client to add, edit and remove content (such as info points) themselves. This is an excellent solution for clients who may have a great deal of content highlighted within the 360 tours that they may wish to change. As new trophies (for example) are added to the collection, the client can add an info point with large image and accompanying text. If artworks move, they can change the info points accordingly. They can do this simply in-house, without incurring further costs.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

It’s vital that any site with an international audience can deliver content swiftly and smoothly in each country. For the R&A Golf Clubhouse, the virtual tours are distributed via a Content Delivery Network (CDN) around the world. This means that the tours are delivererd locally to the end user. Thus, loading times are improved, bandwidth costs reduced and vitally, traffic spikes will not interrupt service.

Seeing the R&A 360s

The R&A Golf 360s are not currently available for non-members to view.

Compton Lodge

360 Property photography of Compton Lodge in Hampstead – a £14m family home close to Hampstead Heath and Highgate Golf Club.

The property tours include the indoor swimming pool, and views of the interior such as the mezzanine floors and gloriously light living spaces.

360 Property photography is able to showcase the space in much greater detail than stills alone can achieve. Viewers can really get a feel for the space, enjoying the space as a whole. The high resolution images allow the viewer to zoom in and see the detail. The tours are VR-enabled and so can be viewed on a VR headset.

BBC New Broadcasting House Virtual Tour

An exciting commission for Eye Revolution has been the 360 views of the BBC’s new ‘The World’s Newsroom’. Next to the old Broadcasting House in Portland Place, The World’s Newsroom comprises some of the most advanced technology in the broadcasting world. It is the BBC’s biggest television service and reaches more than 276 million homes, as well as hotel rooms (1.5m), cruise ships, airlines and mobile phone platforms too.

Eye Revolution were commissioned to create an interactive experience to showcase the new facilities to overseas partners. As well as documenting the space itself, we were briefed to capture the studios with presenters Komla Dumor and Babita Sharma broadcasting the news.

The 360 Panoramas are used as a virtual tour for the main web site, an augmented reality app and Gyro Goggles for a truly immersive experience.

240 Blackfriars Office Virtual Tour

Articulating Space

As interior photographers, we specialise in documenting space in the way that makes most sense to a viewer. It’s hard to fully understand a space from a still, or even a series of stills. Whereas 360 interior photography can put the viewer directly in the scene, so they’re orientated within the space. Overlaying additional content can clarify still further, and highlight elements to interest and engage the viewer.

Articulating Solutions

It’s this feature of interior 360s that makes them an ideal tool for articulating solutions. Concepts that would take a great deal of text to explain can be easily conveyed in an engaging manner. It’s this that drew Euroworkspace to use 360s to illustrate their ‘smart locker’ concept through 360 virtual tours.

UBM, the main tenant of 240 Blackfriars wanted to create a smart working environment. Staff have ‘smart lockers’ – which are jam-packed full of clever features, sending data on the locker’s usage to administrators, and allowing staff to simply select the desk they’ll work at that day. To increase sustainability, the desk-booking system works with the power systems, so that when staff book a desk, the power at that station turns on. When they log out, it turns off, and at 10.00pm power to all desks is automatically disabled. Features like this have significantly reduced the amount of energy wasted by the company.

It’s hard to explain these and many more features without a great deal of text, so we were commissioned to create a series of 360s to showcase the stunning office space and intergrate this with a voiceover that talks viewers through how the various systems and smart lockers work.

The 360s were launched at the Facilities Show, and were very well received. Our client has this to say about the project: “Will and the team produced 360-degree images of an exceptional quality for our case-study. They were very patient and gave me some great advice regarding set up and promotion.”

Interior Photographers, London

If you’re looking for interior photographers experienced in articulating space and solutions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Old Sessions House Virtual Tour

We have been creating virtual tours for over two decades. Our long experience tells – each 360 image is finely crafted to give your viewers the best possible views of the space. Please read on to find out more about the Old Sessions House virtual tour.

Old Sessions House, Clerkenwell

Our reputation means we’re lucky enough to be commissioned to shoot some breathtaking locations, but even in exalted company Old Sessions House really stands out. Ennismore own this amazing building, and will be using it as a restaurant, bar and private events venue. Their work on the project has allowed the building to be the hero. Our 360 virtual tours are particularly good at documenting the space and letting it speak for itself.

The classical Georgian building in Clerkenwell Green, London, was completed in 1780. It was a courthouse until the late 19th century, known as Middlesex Sessions House. Judges sat in session 8 times a year, and the building includes the dungeons in which prisoners were held. We shot high resolution virtual tours to document the decayed grandeur of this Grade II listed building. Navigation is simple, you just click the thumbnail to view each 360.

Our extensive insurance covers us to work in a wide variety of unusual settings, so you can book in your shoot without concern. If you have an historic building and would like to discuss documenting it in 360 virtual tours, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Please click the ‘Launch Project’ button to see the Old Sessions House virtual tour. Should you wish to view other heritage virtual tours please click here (opens in a new tab).

Victorian House, Chiswick

360 Property photography of this beautifully renovated double-fronted house in Chiswick, West London. Owned by a well-known TV personality, the house has been refurbished to a high standard with immaculate taste.

Our 360 property photography showcases high-end properties to their best advantage. We do not use scanning camera systems. These can offer a cheap solution – an advantage for properties in a lower price bracket, but these images cannot be retouched to ensure the best possible results, which is absolutely vital for more exclusive properties.

Our 360 images are shot by skilled professional photographers and hand-crafted back in our London-based studio for the optimum finish.

Please click Launch Project to explore the house.

Palace Of Holyroodhouse

Holyrood Palace 360 Tour

Explore the home of Scottish Royal history in this Holyrood Palace 360 Tour. You can look around The Great Stair, the Morning Drawing Room and the King’s Bedchamber in high resolution. Thus you can zoom in and see the detail on the tapestries and other artworks. Info points provide additional detail about the items in the collection.

The Palace of Holyroodhouse

For 500 years Holyrood Palace has been home to Monarchs, from Mary Queen of Scots to Queen Elizabeth II. Before becoming a Royal residence, an abbey stood on the site from the 12th century. Now, the Queen is in residence there for a week at the beginning of each summer, holding investitures, audiences and garden parties. The Royal Collection Trust manage public access to the building. You can visit almost all year round – except when a member of the Royal family is in residence. The virtual tour encompasses three main areas:

The Great Stair

As visitors arrive and make their way up the Great Stair, they might well be drawn to the fine tapestries and paintings that adorn the walls. The beauty of this 360 tour is that it allows online viewers the luxury of looking up. And so in looking up they can zoom in to view the magnificent plasterwork ceiling.

Morning Drawing Room

You can have a leisurely look around the Morning Drawing Room (also known as the Privy Chamber). A wood-panelled chamber hung with tapestries depicting tales from the myths. These tapestries were bought by Charles II in the 17th century. The info points in the tour give viewers information on the artefacts around the room, including gifts to Queen Victoria.

King’s Bedchamber

The King’s Bedchamber, created in the 17th century again features a plasterwork ceiling that’s not to be missed. Look up in the virtual tour and you’ll see an intricate, incredible ceiling. Most noteworthy is the centrepiece – a painting by Jacob de Wet. The trompe l’oeil effect at the edges give you the impression that you’re peering into the heavens above. Look at how the animals’ paws are seemingly poised over the edge!

Please click ‘Launch Project’ to view the Palace of Holyroodhouse 360 virtual tour.

Chawley Grove Care Home

We were invited to create a new care home virtual tour at Chawley Grove Care Home in Oxfordshire. Chawley Grove offers first rate nursing, dementia and respite care within a luxury environment. Residents can spend their spare time in a wide variety of ways within the home itself. There are beautifully decorated communal spaces like the Bodleian Bar, a cosy lounge, dining room. There’s even a private dining room ideal for hosting family events. Residents can also enjoy the cinema, a wellbeing and beauty salon and a cafe. Plus there are beautifully landscaped gardens and balconies to relax in.

The shoot was undertaken quietly and discreetly, ensuring that there was no disturbance for the care home’s residents or staff.

The 360s allow potential residents and their families to really get a feel for the surroundings. The 360s are very high resolution, allowing viewers to zoom in and really examine the details in the rooms, or simply look around getting a feel for the care home as a whole.

This ability to view 360s online has become increasingly important as the events around Covid-19 have meant care homes cannot allow visitors into their spaces. As a result, care homes with a beautifully crafted 360 tour are at an advantage in a competitive market in being able to showcase the surroundings remotely.

If you’d like to discuss how a care home virtual tour can help your business negotiate sales during times where social distancing is key, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re specialists in this field and are always happy to talk through a project. We can help with any concerns you might have about how the logistics of a shoot, safety, privacy and so on.

Car Photography – The Mercedes X-Class

Car photography in 360 Degrees

The X-Class, Mercedes’ premium pick-up deserves to be shown off in startlingly clear detail. We created pixel-perfect 360 degree car photography for Mercedes to showcase this very special ‘workhorse’ vehicle. You can zoom right in to view the sumptuous texture of the seat fabric or focus on the dash and trim, which have the feel of a passenger car.

Shooting 360 Cars

We shot the X-Class in the studio to get absolutely perfect results. Shooting 360 car photography is technically challenging – you can read more about how we create such flawless images here. This article explains why we shoot it in a studio and add in the background separately for the best results.

Marketing Commercial Vehicles

360 Car photography can be utilised in marketing commercial vehicles, so fleet managers and end-users alike can have a thorough explore inside the van. They can use the 360 as a tool to help assess the load space and driver comfort. Here’s an example that shows both the load space and cabin: Mercedes Sprinter van 360.

360 Car Photography Specialists

We have been specialists in 360 photography with a particular passion for cars for many years. We are privileged to work with some incredible automotive clients. To view more of our car 360s, please look through our portfolio. In the meantime, here are a couple of quick links:

Jaguar XE 360
Land Rover 360

We love talking car photography, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your project. You can reach us on 020 360 30231.

Jaguar XE Car Interior 360 Interactive

Car interior 360s require an absolutely flawless finish, a perfect representation of the vehicle. The car must be pin-sharp and perfectly focussed on details just centimetres from the camera as well as several feet away. The viewer should feel like the detail is so clear they could almost reach out and touch it. That they can almost feel the textures in the car interior, from leather to brushed aluminium.

The chance to use our skills on a car like the Jaguar XE is a great compliment to us as a photography company. We shot the car in a studio in the UK, and we light it carefully to ensure an excellent finish when the backplate is retouched in. On this example a 360 backplate by Will Pearson was dropped in, showing the car in situ outside Broadcasting House in London.

You can read more about our process for shooting car interior 360s here.

The interface offers the option for viewing this automotive 360 though Google Cardboard or a VR Headset for a more immersive viewing experience.

Please click the ‘Launch Project’ button and go fullscreen. You will be able to use the buttons to zoom in and out and explore all around the Jaguar XE car interior 360.

Aerial 360 Gigapixel: Hampstead Heath Autumn

We wanted to test our process for capturing a gigapixel aerial 360, so we stayed local and visited one of London’s greatest open spaces: Hampstead Heath.

We captured this aerial 360 via a drone that we launched near Parliament Hill. Local Londoners can zoom in and view their favourite spots. You can see London’s best kite-flying spot on the hill itself, the Athletics Track, Parliament Hill Lido and beyond it the London skyline.

You can zoom in to see the detail and scroll around to see London’s glorious autumnal colours.

Gigapixel Aerial 360 Hampstead Heath

360 Drone Photography

Working from a drone to capture 360s is a technical challenge, as the 360 is made up of individual photographs ‘stitched’ together. We are very pleased with the result of the test; having a clean stitch and getting the resolution so high is great. Drone photography in London can be tricky as more and more places are introducing restrictions. However, we can offer our clients aerial photography outside built-up areas. Thus, you can choose an 360 like this one, or even opt for us to shoot 360 video from a drone.

Hampstead Heath

North Londoners call it ‘The Heath’; this ancient parkland, mentioned in the Doomsday Book and first recorded even before that. The Heath covers 790 acres and sits on one of London’s highest points. In this 360, down from Parliament Hill, you can see Highgate No.1 pond and the men’s bathing pond. Hampstead Heath offers one of only a few places where Londoners can wild swim. Indeed hardy swimmers are out year round, whatever the weather. Also seen here is Parliament Hill itself, famous as being one of the premier kite-flying spots in the capital. As well as swimming and kite-flying, visitors to Hampstead Heath can enjoy the running track, go angling at the anglers pond and explore many wild spaces.

You can read more here about our work creating drone virtual tours – especially in London.

Canon Expo New York

We are just back from New York, and are proud to have worked on a project for Canon USA – which is a great compliment for us as a photography company. Once every five years, Canon throws open its doors and lets people explore their most cutting edge developments. From 250 megapixel sensors to 8K cinema cameras, the latest VR headsets to video cameras that capture full colour footage in darkness, Wired described this year’s Canon EXPO at the Javits Convention Centre in New York as ‘walking around in a sci-fi movie, except everything around you is a functioning piece of technology’.

Working with Imagination and 360i (Dentsu), Eye Revolution photographed and coded the interface for a 12 node 360 virtual experience for people to explore the EXPO online. There has been an overwhelmingly positive response to the virtual tour.

Royal Household

The Brief

The Royal Household’s website was undergoing a complete revamp, and required a series of 360 images so the public could view hitherto unseen areas of the Royal Palaces. The virtual tours would need to include hotspots which would open additional information on particular objects of interest in the Royal Collection.

The Challenges

We create ultra high resolution 360 stills by ‘stitching’ together many images. This is an extremely precise process, and the opulence of the surroundings made this vitally important here. Whilst a white ceiling could be a fraction of a millimetre out and it wouldn’t be noticeable, the rug in the Throne Room (for example) required absolute flawlessness. The hand retouching process took many hours of painstaking work to ensure the final images were to a standard which did justice to the historic and sumptuous surroundings.

The Execution

We created 360s for rooms at Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, the Palace of Holyroodhouse and also for a state banquet at Windsor Castle for the Qatar State Visit. As a separate project we also created 360s for St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle. The brief was for each 360 to be a standalone resource, accessible via a thumbnail on the Royal Residence page. Once in the 360, the viewer can look around the room at fullscreen size, and click on hotspots to view info about the treasures in the Royal Collection.

The Results

The new website was launched at a reception at Buckingham Palace, and the 360 images played a key part in the launch as they were the “surprise feature” of the new website. Along with Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, the Queen unveiled an enormous screen showcasing the 360s to the assembled guests.

The virtual tours were very well received with much of the British and world press choosing to highlight the virtual tours. Emily Bell, writing in The Guardian says ‘there is a wonderful high-definition panoramic gallery of bits of the royal residences…’. The Queen herself commented on the clarity of the images and how much she liked them.

Will Pearson Meets the Queen
Image © Press Association

Eye Revolution’s Founder shaking hands with the Queen at Buckingham Palace.

Car 360 – New Land Rover Discovery Interior

At Eye Revolution, we specialise in car 360 views, inviting viewers to get inside cars and really explore them in high resolution detail. We always love shooting Land Rovers and this one was no exception. The all-new Land Rover Discovery is exceptionally luxurious and the photography was challenged to display the car’s level of comfort and attention to detail in absolutely flawless focus.

We shot the car interior 360 in a studio. Back in our London studio, we retouched the desert background in during the post-production. You can read more about how we shoot each car 360 here.

Please click the button above to explore. You can use the buttons on the 360 or your mouse to scroll around. You can also zoom in to see the detail on the dash and seats.

The 360 can be viewed on a computer, on mobile devices, in kiosks and through VR headsets.

Aerial 360 from the Heart of the City

The Brief

We were briefed by the lovely folk at Bandstand (the creative agency for St Mary Axe) to create a series of 360s from the summit of 30 St Mary Axe. The client required panoramic views from the building in different lights; really letting people experience the incredible views across London at different times of day.

The Challenges

Eye Revolution photographer Will Pearson took the shots from a cradle on the exterior of the Gherkin, 180 metres above the City of London. The major concern was that the nodal point (the central point of a lens) is usually in a fixed position. Here, that wasn’t possible as the building is in the way and the nodal point was many metres out on each image. We had to employ all our skills in post-production to ensure that the images blended together seamlessly to create a flawless 360.

The Execution

The high-res aerial 360s are displayed in an interface which allows the viewer to click on the different times of day and be taken to the different images. The viewer can also really zoom in and see the detail in the London cityscape.

Aerial 360 Tours

You can read much more about our aerial 360s captured from a drone here.

Canon Live Visit at photokina, Cologne

The Brief

Global creative communications agency Imagination partnered with Eye Revolution to create the Canon Live Visit, a virtual tour of the Canon stand at photokina. photokina is the world’s leading photography and imaging fair, taking place in Cologne. With more than 180,000 visitors from over 150 countries, photokina is an opportunity to engage with a huge audience of photography consumers – both professional and amateur. We were briefed to shoot Canon’s stand upon completion and create 5 360 images with a variety of content within for viewers to experience the Canon stand. The interface should ensure customers around the globe were in effect welcomed onto the stand to see the new products for themselves. Canon wanted the 360 Live Visit to be live online close to photokina’s opening day.

The Challenges

The brief required that the Live Visit went live as close to the actual opening of photokina as possible. We knew we would have to work around the stand being completed, whatever time of the day or night that was, we would be on standby to shoot. The hope was that the stand would be complete and empty ready for us to shoot the evening before opening. Not only would the 360s have to be ready for the launch the next day, but the interface (in 6 languages) with hotspots opening movies, product pages, etc would have to be seamlessly integrated for launch too. As one of the world’s biggest and best camera manufacturers, we felt it an enormous compliment (and not a little daunting) to be asked to create images for Canon. It goes without saying that the images had to be absolutely flawless, however short the turnaround time allowed.

The Execution

We had done as much of the programming framework as possible in advance. We started shooting after midnight and were shooting into the early hours of the morning. The shoot was demanding as there were many staff members still working on last minute touches to the event space that couldn’t appear in the final 360s. We had our programmers and retouchers on standby in London waiting to work on the files and get everything in place. The 360s and content were all being approved in the morning and the entire project went live on the opening day as planned.

The Results

The tour features five 360-degree interactive panoramas, allowing virtual visitors around the world to roam around the Canon stand. The experience includes clickable hotspots, highlighting key messages and providing content relating to products across the Canon range, in 6 languages. Each hotspot includes links to related movies and product pages as well as Live Stage Presentations and ‘Canon Live TV’ daily episodes.

Please click here to launch the tour.


2015 Conference Awards: Shortlisted for Best Conference by an Events Agency category.
Canon Europe President’s Award: Imagination won the award for oustanding innovation at Photokina Cologne 2014.


This was a live event and the Live Visit contains many links to external YouTube content, over time some of these links may no longer work.